Perancangan Sistem Informasi Penggajian Karyawan Berbasis Web Menggunakan PHP dan MySql Pada PT. Goo Indonesia Chemical Bekasi


  • Winarni STMIK Al Muslim


Goo Indonesia Chemical is a manufacturing company engaged in the basic chemical industry. The process of calculating salaries at PT. Goo Indonesia Chemical still uses the process of making recapitulations and reports that must be done manually, especially manually recapitulating overtime and recapitulating salaries manually using Microsoft Excel, where in Microsoft Excel does not provide an employee database. The manual system raises several problems that occur in the company such as the possibility of data input errors, especially those related to employee overtime. The system development uses the Waterfall method with the PHP programming language and MySQL database. With the development of this system, it will facilitate the process of calculating employee salaries and overtime so as to make HRD work more efficient and effective. This system can help present reports quickly and easily, especially the recap of employee overtime and salary data reports and overcome problems related to overtime and employee salary data information that can be accessed quickly and easily by the Manager.

Keywords: Information System, Payroll, Recapitulation,  PHP, MySQL